Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Appointment of Lambardar

P 62 Rev 53, Candidate dull, should not be appointed. As he cannot give satisfactory answers.

P 60 Rev 67, Minor Lambardar.

03 MLD 157, Concerned Authorities were the best Judges under law to consider suitability of candidates for appointment of Lambardar.


73 PLD Law Notes 13 Pg.22
91CLC 723, ex parte not valid
96 CLC 2016
P 09 SC 198, Private partition does not determine the legal rights but simply indicates the mode of division of property among themselves---Co-owner in a joint property was not entitled, without assent or acquiescence of the other co-sharers, to exclude portion of joint property or to select a particular portion for the purpose of partition
05 CLC 1944, Partial Partition, Dispute between parties could only be resolved by pooling together entire joint holdings borne on all five Khatas and partitioning among share-holders in a just, fair and equitable manner---Impugned orders and ex-parte partition proceedings finalized by Tehsildar, were set aside and revision petition was accepted by the Board of Revenue---Application pending with Tehsildar for partition of Khatas, was directed to be expeditiously adjudicated in a fair, impartial and equitable manner by Tehsildar in accordance with spirit of law.

Chronic Defaulters

NLR 89 Rev 66, NLR 82 Rev 202 Chronic and habitual defaulters not entitled of concession.
Defaulters cannot be ejected: 88CLC 81, 86CLC 2347

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